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About BibServer

BibServer is a tool for quickly and easily sharing collections of bibliographic metadata. Whilst this may seem dull in itself, just think of what this data actually is – a record of work, a map to the knowledge of humanity. By making it simple for people to use this information, we make scholarship better.

BibServer is supported by funding from the Shuttleworth Foundation.

The BibServer software is used to run our own , and all data is available via API in our [BibJSON]( conventionalised JSON format.

Read more about [BibServer features](/about/features) or check out our [videos](/about/videos)


A simple way to share your bibliographic metadata.

  • Create and manage bibliographic collections simply and easily
  • Import (and export) your collection from bibtex, MARC, RIS, BibJSON, RDF or other bibliogrpaphic formats in a matter of seconds
  • Browse collection via an elegant faceted interface
  • Embed the collection browser in other websites
  • Full RESTful API
  • Open-source and free to use

Full support and hosted solutions

BibServer is open source software and was developed by the non-profit Open Knowledge Foundation in 2011 to run BibSoup, a public display of personal bibliographic collections.

As open-source software, BibServer is completely free to use, and, more importantly, ensures that users have freedom both with regard to supplier and hosting but also customization and extension of their solution.

However we are building a developer and user community and are offering support and hosting for those who need it. If you don't want to use the public instance but can't run (or need help running) your own, then read more about our solutions or get in touch.