Our development phases are roughly outlined below – as we move through them, they are fleshed out via our code repository [issues list](, and ideas are supported by our wikis and published on our blog. A full resource list can be found at .

## Phase 5 – In progress

* UI editability onto REST API
* Stand-alone aysnc parse API
* Integration with PDcalc
* Demos of curated collections
* Available as a service
* Help others write more parsers
* Community exposure – videos, screencasts, blog posts, events
* Documentation – move to public readthedocs

## Phase 4 – Complete

* UI improvements
* Parse from more sources
* Demonstrations of collection creation (incl. scraperwiki example)
* Stabilise on v0.4 running on public demo, with dev continued on separate instance
* This forms the first phase of work as part of the funded JISC Open Biblio 2 project

## Phase 3 – Complete

* Get BibServer code to the stage where it can be used in further projects or in production
* Get further funding for continued work
* Partially done, extending into Open Biblio 2 project

## Phase 2 – Complete

* By end July 2011, replicate the original functionality with the new service at the test site
* Have the prototype service up and running for others to try out
* Develop the supporting material required to enable others to install their own instances
* Demonstrate converting from other formats and sources into BibJSON
* Demonstrate how to write converters for other formats

## Phase 1 – Complete

* Start a BiBServer software repository, and salvage any useful parts from the original code
* Prototype a simple version of BibJSON format
* Demonstrate conversion from BibTex do BibJSON