BibServer is totally open source software and free for you to use. But, if you are unable to do so due to lack of resource – or any other reason – we want to make sure you can still benefit from the software if you need it. So we are offering a number of solutions:

Hosted (Basic) Hosted (Medium) Hosted (Premium)
Create Collections (reading lists, publication lists, etc) yes yes yes
Embed in third party websites yes yes yes
API access to all data yes yes yes
Private collections and records yes yes yes
Up to 200,000 records and 50 collections yes yes yes
Up to 1,000,000 records and 500 collections no yes yes
Unlimited records and collections no no yes
Own domain yes yes yes
Theming no yes yes
SLA no yes yes
£200 / month £600 / month contact us

Hosted (medium) includes one day of development per each of the first three months to spend on theming and simple customisations of your BibServer. Hosted (Premium) can include a negotiated amount of such work too.

We are also available at daily rates for development or consultancy work related to BibServer tools and services. The Open Knowledge Foundation also offers additional consultancy on topics related to open knowledge. Please contact us for more details.